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Caribbean Reef Shark

The Bahamas boasts a thriving population of sharks, the most common being Caribbean Reef Sharks and every dive trip features at least one shark feeding dive with these sharks. Caribbean reef sharks live on the reefs and congregate on one particular reef where we feed them. Reef sharks are generally 3 to 5 feet long and usually there are three to six around one reef. This is a thrilling dive with excellent photographic opportunities. Reef sharks are very common around the Bahamas, but our reefs have colorful sponges to use as background for pictures. The reef has deep crevices to get below the sharks for great silhouettes. This all makes for the best Bahamas shark dive spot.

shark diving

Lemon Sharks

On every dive trip you can do a Lemon Shark dive, which is the same spot we see Tigers. 25 feet over white sand bottm. 20 to 30 Lemon shark live here and are waiting around for you, before you even jump in. Lemons are a cool sharks they could care less that divers are around them. Between 7 to 8 feet long they have snarly teeth and beedy little eyes. They even make a great night shark dive.

tiger shark diving

Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks are beautiful, intelligent and sometime shy. They run from 7 feet to 13 feet with stripes and big dark eyes. Diving with Tiger Sharks, you can expect some exhilarating moments and intense photographic opportunities.

Tiger sharks are readily available in the shallow waters of the Little Bahama Bank. Great hammerhead are less frequent and require more patience. They appear mostly in the fall and winter, November, December and Febuary, March when we run our exclusive shark trips. These shark dives are caged or cageless dives where we chum and shark feed these large top predators. Often there is a current running during the shark dives and is best suited for experienced divers.

Those wanting to really see Tigers should join one of our Tiger shark trips. See our shark website

With 25 years experience in the Bahamas, The Dream Team offers you a premier opportunity to exclusively shark dive with and photograph tiger sharks and great hammerhead. For the extreme adventurer and avid photographer, whether professional or recreational, you will spend 7 to 10 days aboard the liveaboard R/V Dolphin Dream diving with two of the most elusive shark species.

It is important to remember that sharks are wild animals, and are in complete control of the encounters. Although The Dream Team manages a high success rate, we cannot guarantee shark encounters. Shark feeding expeditions require patience and flexibility.

Diving with sharks is potentially dangerous and you understand and accept this risk as on your own.

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