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Bahamas Adventure Cruise Schedule for the DOLPHIN DREAM.
Join us for the week of your life!
Specializing in Wild Dolphins Encounters, Shark Diving, Scuba Diving, and Custom trips in the Bahamas.
All inclusive. Small intimate groups, only 12 passengers or less gives you the best dolphins, the best Sharks, the best diving and the best fun.
DOLPHIN Trips; snorkeling with friendly wild dolphin, www.dolphindreamteam.com
SHARK trips Dive with Tiger sharks, Lemons and Reef Sharks www.sharkexpedition.com
SCUBA Trips; scuba diving trips with sharks, turtles fish and more, www.scubaexpedition.com
AVAILABILITY CHANGES often please call or E-mail for availability and price specials.
Group, shop, agent, or whole boat charter rates available. Please contact us for details.
Prices include all fees and taxes ($100 to $150. savings over our competition).

Dates not listed are sold out.

2016 trips

Most trips are 7/day-6/night trips, board Saturday afternoon and return Friday morning, unless otherwise stated.
Departing and returning from West Palm Beach, Florida.
Individual bookings have spots available, Call or E-mail for price and availability.

May 28 to June 3 Individuals
Wild Dolphin snorkeling
June 4 to 10 Individuals Wild Dolphin snorkeling
July 16 to 22 Individuals Wild Dolphin snorkeling
July 30 to Aug 5 Individuals Wild Dolphin snorkeling

2016 trips

Most trips are 7/day-6/night trips, board Saturday afternoon and return Friday morning, unless otherwise stated.
Departing and returning from West Palm Beach, Florida.
Individual bookings have spots available, Call or E-mail for price and availability.

Oct 15 to 19, Individuals 5 days, Pan Aqua Diving, panaquapmm@aol.com
Oct 22 to Oct 28, Individuals
Nov 5 to 11, Individuals Tiger Sharks, contact Dom at dom@diveadvice.com , www.diveadvice.com
Dec 3 to Dec 10, Individuals Shark Diver Magazine , contact Eli at elimtz@sharkdivermag.com
Dec 11 to 19 Individuals Shark School with Dr Erich Ridder, contact Robert wilpernig@wirodive.de , www.wirodive.de

Information request form

Book a trip now and join us for the time of your life!
INDIVIDUAL BOOKINGS: Call or E-mail for availability then send a deposit to reserve a spot.
Deposit of $500 per person is required to hold a reservation ($250. non refundable).
We are a small organization with limited spots (12). Availability changes often, so please call or Email.
METHOD OF PAYMENT: Personal check (before 60 days from departure), money-order, cashier checks and bank transfer are
all accepted. Rates and prices are US dollars and are subject to change.
REFUND POLICY: Written request is required 150 days prior to trip date, full refund except for a $250 non-refundable booking fee. 150 to 90 days 50% refund.
No refunds for cancellations within 90 days of trip date.

WHOLE BOAT CHARTERS and GROUP RATES available. Please contact us for details.
Hope to see you soon, Thank you The Dream Team, Inc.
E-mail; inform@dolphindreamteam.com or Call 1-888-277-8181
Po Box 530485, Lake Park, FL 33403-8912, 1-561-848-5375
www.dolphindreamteam.com - www.scubaexpedition.com - www.sharkexpedition.com

MORE Info.

The DREAM TEAM, Expeditions.
Dolphin Encounters
The encounter of a lifetime… snorkel with friendly wild Dolphin in the Bahamas. The best wild dolphins in the world, no pens, no feeding and no training. Just playful dolphins in their natural environment. Participants can be of almost any age and only need to be able to swim and snorkel for dolphin encounters. You will see Atlantic Spotted dolphin and Bottlenose dolphin, with the Spotted being the friendliest and the bottlenose being the bigger population. You may get the chance for a nighttime dolphin encounter, when we turn on big lights and the dolphins feed on fish and squid that collect under the lights.
More info at www.dolphindreamteam.com
Shark Expeditions
Shark trips focus on Tiger shark encounters without a cage. The two main sites are a 50 to 70 feet reef with 3 to 5 feet Reef sharks that Tiger sharks occasionally visit and 20 feet sand bank with 6 to 8 feet Lemon sharks the Tiger sharks frequently visit. On either spot there is the chance of a Great Hammerhead swimming by. The sharks are attracted by baiting with dead fish and there is a risk while diving with sharks. Participants need to be experience divers and accept the risk associated with shark diving and shark feeding.
More info at www.sharkexpedition.com
SCUBA Diving Expedition
4 to 5 dives per day including night dives. These expeditions contain a little of everything, shark dives, dolphin encounter and diving on outstanding coral reefs and ancient wrecks. A photographer’s dream, these Bahamas dive trips offer a remarkable opportunities for big animals as well as incredible macro life.
More info at www.scubaexpedition.com
Custom and Combination Expeditions
Specialty trips for research, film productions, combination activities, extended and remote expeditions are available. Private whole boat charters are encouraged. Combination expeditions like sharks and dolphin (i.e. Diving and Dolphins) are perfect for families and groups. There is something for everyone!
Photographers have plenty of room for cameras and computers. Kid friendly with snorkeling and fishing activities perfect for families. Participants need to be able to swim, snorkel and climb one flight of stairs to cabins. Seasickness can happen depending on weather but the vessel is heavy, stable and comfortable. Our percentage of seasickness customers is very low.
Departures and Boarding
Departing form Riviera Beach Florida, most of our expeditions are 7 days/6 nights with 5 full days of activity (unless specified). Boarding is on Saturdays from 4 pm to 7 pm, and returns Fridays at 10 am (unless specified). Group bookings can request longer or shorter trips. Nearest airport is Palm Beach International (PBI).
Groups, Families and Agents
Special rates for groups, families and agents. Please contact for special rates. Expedition Policies
Price Does Include: All TAXES, FEES, FUEL CHARGES, meals (excluding departure and return date), non-alcoholic beverages, air tanks, soft weights and belts.
Price Does NOT include: Beer, SCUBA diving and snorkeling equipment rentals, island excursions (i.e. taxi fares, dining, souvenirs, etc.) or crew gratuities (15% appreciated).
Availability and Reservations: The schedule changes often, please call or e-mail for availability and then send your deposit to confirm your reservation. Book well in advance to ensure your spot.
Deposits and Payments: $500 per person deposit required within 20 days of reservation. $250 of deposit is non-refundable. Payment in full required within 45 days of expedition departure date. Pay by check or bank transfer, contact us for details. Sorry no credit cards Cancellations and Refunds: Written request is required. 150 days prior to expedition departure date – full refund excluding $250 non-refundable deposit. 150 to 90 days – 50% refund. No refunds for cancellations within 90 days of expedition departure date.
Proof of Citizenship: Passports and Visas (as necessary) are required.
Insurance: We recommend that all passengers purchase trip and diving insurance at time of reservations.
Join us for the time of your life!

Po Box 530485, Lake Park, FL 33403-8912
1-888-277-8181 or 1-561-848-5375
www.dolphindreamteam.com - www.advdive.com - www.sharkexpedition.com